Sunday, February 7, 2016

Strawberry and Banana Parfait And Kadhali -Raw Banana Flour

"Where's the banana?"
Asks Sweet Child after finishing off the parfait.
"There's a whole lot of strawberries and some grapes...and who puts almonds in a parfait? And why cornflakes?"
"And this glass is overflowing ."
"And I couldn't taste no bananas."
That was the idea my child....
PS .Sweet Child dislikes bananas. In any form.

So many questions,not enough answers to satisfy curiosity.
That's why she killed the cat.

PPS Hephaestus, the Greek smith God, gave Pandora (who was not a goddess) Curiosity and bode her not to open the jar, Pythos. But curiosity got the better of her and she did,allowing most of mankind's woes,freedom.
So ,you'll also thank me for educating you about Greek mythology.

Alright ,back to the fruit parfait. This is made withStrawberryand Banana Yogurt.
Fresh strawberries and raw banana flour.
Yup, that was no typo. 
Raw .Banana .Flour. 
I was contacted by fellow blogger Pooja Khanna of ,and asked if I would like to experiment baking with a high fibre, gluten free, Satvik, natural,alternative flour?
Well, I never say no to a challenge.

Some more information. Kadhali is Sanskrit for banana ,and this flour is made by dehydrating crushed raw bananas. 
It's obviously a gluten free, high fibre and cholesterol lowering medium that can substitute any flour in various forms of cooking and can also be used raw.
Being low in sugar, it also contains RS2 that is a high resistance starch. It improves insulin sensitivity and thus can also be used safely by diabetics.
Available online through , you can add some raw banana flour to your diet from today and enjoy.

I have a few things lined up...along with the regular cookies and cupcakes and crackers that will pop by in a few weeks.
I'm starting with a probiotic parfait that is perfect for any one.
So this is a parfait made with fresh banana yogurt that I made with Kadhali.

For the 

Strawberry and Banana Parfait And Kadhali -Raw Banana Flour...

You need

For the Kadhali Yogurt 

500 mils toned milk
8-10 strawberries or any fresh fruit of your choice 
2 tbsp Kadhali or raw banana flour 
3-4 tsp sugar
1 tsp yogurt or curd to set the yogurt

For the Parfait 
Diced fresh fruit -strawberries,grapes
2-3 tsp muesli or cornflakes or roasted oats
Chopped almonds 

Start with warming the milk to blood heat if the weather is warm or approximately 50C if the weather is cold.
Pulse the strawberries with the sugar in a mixed.
Whisk the Kadhali flour, yogurt for setting and the roughly minced fruit in to the milk and mix well.
Taste to check for sweetness. And adjust the sugar accordingly.

Pour the mix into a glass bowl or steel bowl and cover tightly. 
I always cover my yogurt bowl with a large napkin and place it either in the oven or microwave overnight to allow it to set. 
You can also place it in the oven with the pilot light on. But always cover the bowl well.

Once the Kadhali yogurt is set, place the bowl in the fridge to cool atleast four hours. Warm yogurt is not too appetising.
Get your stuff ready.
Bring the yogurt out of the fridge.
Whisk to mix in any whey that separates and make a smooth consistency.

Layer your glass or bowl with fruit,nuts, muesli or cornflakes or roasted oats and pour over Kadhali yogurt.
Top with almonds.

Pretty wholesome and healthy.
You can make your Kadhali parfait any which way you like. Any fruit,any topping will do.

This is perfect as a replacement of dinner when you have eaten too much during the day....
Or as a low cal addition to your smoothie.
I have been adding Kadhali  to my milk shake that I drink before I go to the gym. I know it will help me in my weight loss goals. I know it's safe and has no chemicals. So I am sure to any harmful side effects.
And the best can hardly taste the raw banana.

And sweet child is still wondering where were the bananas in that parfait.
It's great to leave a mystery unsolved,isn't it?

So what are you baking today???

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Meat cooking hacks - Chicken, Lamb, Seafood

Yummy right?


All meat lovers firmly believe in the potential of any dish containing meat. It has great potential to rise above everything and surpass all expectations. Meat lovers are believers, they have faith and experiment with the new ways of cooking. While you might be an enthusiast and love to eat meat, you might not be the best cook. So there are some things you can try besides following recipes step by step that might escalate the standard of your dish. 

Set the right temperature

First of all, know the temperature you are using to cook meat. A technique called browning is simply cooking your meat at a higher temperature. It is very useful dueto the Maillard Reaction due to which the meat’s flavours are greatly enhanced. Make sure that the meat you use is completely dry and the pan is preheated well. The fator oil should be simmering before you put the meat in the pan. 

Select the right utensil

The key is to avoid overcrowding the pan; you should cook meat in batches instead of putting all the pieces in one pan. However, for larger cuts of meat, the smarter approach would be to cook the meat at a low temperature giving it more time. This usually keeps larger chunks of meat moist and lets the center reach the same temperature without burning the outside layers of the meat. Be mindful of the temperature as much canbe lost by overlooking this parameter. 

Cook for the right duration

You can also try this cooking method called carryover cooking, which basically means that you remove the meat from the heat 5 degrees lesser than the desired temperature. This is to avoid overcooking or overheating of the meat. It is a commonly known fact that meat continues to cook for sometimes after it is removed from heat. But this doesn’t hold true for poultry or seafood so it is important to remember these differences while cooking non-vegetarian meals. 

Once you do well with these hacks, you are probably qualified to try more refined techniques.

Each meat cut should be cooked in a certain way to bring out the best flavours and juices. Make sure you know the cut of the meat you are buying before you begin cooking it. 

On the other hand, you have to cook seafood delicately and retain the texture and natural flavours in your dish. To try these hacks and make some lip-smacking, mouth-watering dishes with your favourite meat; order meat online with Licious.

Licious is an online meat store that brings you exclusive and fresh cuts of chicken, lamb and seafood at reasonable prices to your doorstep. Order fresh meat online and enjoy the best cooking experience of your life. Licious also offers halal meat online and marinated meat to make your life easier. You can also select the meat in the right cut and the desired quantity to make fresh dish easily.

Until the next

Until the next


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