Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ambi-pur Air Effects Fresh in every spray

At the onset, I must make a confession.
I have a superbly sensitive set of nostrils and suffer from Allergic Rhinitis. There are very few odors or smells as you like that allow my nose to not react.
Anything strong or containing overpowering or too many chemicals causes my sinus to go on an overdrive and let go a barrage of sneezes.
Consequent to that , I end up with a runny nose and sneezing that wont go till I pop an antihistamine or an anti allergic medicine.
I sneeze when it gets too cold or the temperature changes suddenly.
I sneeze when I walk into a room with too many people-so too many Deodorants( Standard procedure when I was teaching- any one wearing too strong a Deodorant was banished to the opposite end of the class) and when I smell the cheap room fresheners or synthetic essential oils.
My nose has class you see.
different fragrances of Ambi-pur Air Effects .
So when sweet child tore off the box containing Ambi-pur Air Effects, he smirked and handed me a tissue paper before he went ahead and sprayed the contents all around.
But he need not have  bothered. Not a sneeze from me.
We tried Ambi-pur Air Effects Sweet Citrus out when we first came to Mumbai . This fragrance was long lasting,but maybe that was because the room was carpeted and heavily curtained.
And just because I didn't sneeze in competition with the spray, the maid and sweet child sprayed it till it finished.
And the Blossoms and Breeze Ambi -Pur Air Effects Arrived.
The record breaking Mumbai monsoons have set in and we are facing an attack from the malodorous from all sides. Of sordid smelly tales and tails tells a detailed tale of what odors exist with us in a climate such as ours.
So we tried Ambi-pur Air Effects .
Ambi-pur Air Effects .
The can weighs 275 gms and is extremely handy. Unlike other room fresheners ,where you have to ensure that the nozzle is pointing in the right direction, here the ergonomically designed spray us very convenient.

Ambi-pur Air Effects does not contain alcohol and effectively removes all odors leaving a pleasant floral aroma behind.
What I liked was that the odors don't get masked, they just dissipate.And even with the wet dog smell has gone. Rather it goes and comes back after a while.
So now every time sweet dog is brushed, a small sweep of the Ambi-pur Air Effects happens.
The smell of wet laundry is also not there . But then again, Ambi-pur Air Effects  must be sprayed every day.
But because the propellant is nitrogen which is non inflammable is a big advantage and it is significantly less dangerous to the environment.
We have this washroom in the nook that has no access to any sunlight and is constantly damp. The stale air freshened up with a couple of sprays of Ambi-pur Air Effects .This 4*3 foot washroom that needs a scented  candle and a potted plant , finally felt fresh.
My only problem is that the smell didn't last longer than a couple of hours. But with the handy spray at the ready...Trigger happy ,we were spraying again.
So the Rs 250/- can will last you a month atleast.

The label at the back has all the necessary information, though I would have liked the  details of the chemical composition of the spray. With all the brouhaha about,information overload is really needed.
So go ahead and buy the Ambi-Pur Air Effects in different fragrances and keep your house monsoon fresh.

This is a sponsored post ,but the views are my own.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley at BlogAdda in association with Ambi Pur.”

Zenfone2 and a Wish List

My fingers are beginning to slip lust fully over that red thing in the picture...
What is that?
That , my dear fellow lust-er of beautiful phones is what every waits for.
And with a bated breath.
That is why the Asus ZenFone seems to be all around.
Why should one lust for that??
Yes ,you may ask.
Me ,myself I have 5 solid reasons.
These should be yours too.
This should be your wish list too.
I am one who treats her smart phone like a lover... last thing before I go to sleep and first thing when I wake up-a caress and a good night kiss.
And of course a few times supposedly checking out the time in the middle of the night.
My 5 solid reasons.

1. The 4GB RAM .
Face it ,it IS only the world's first smart phone in this price bracket with a processor of this speed. Now ,I am not a nerdy person with all in depth knowledge of Tech Specs ,but even I know this smooth thing will work at lightening speed . Much , much faster than the phone I hold in my hands as I blog. When I bought my Samsung Galaxy home it worked so fast ,I had to keep my eyes open almost with Tooth pics to keep track of the speed.
And now ,oh the forgets words mid sentence. I have that need for speed...that only only this 4GB RAM will give.

2. Battery Life and Charging. 
Draining has taken over a new meaning with battery power of the new age smart phones.  Across the board ,all major brands sweat out power as if they have been subjected to a Swedish Spa. And of course you need to travel with your charger or a power bank. So with a ZenFone I can smirk while everyone around me goes scouting for a plug point and I can watch my offline "Humsafar" episodes and travel with ease.

3. The phone and the calling.
What was a phone really built for? Calling no?Mine does everything other than that. Wipe the smirk of your face-Reveller in others phone miseries-you . I know of many like me who carry a tiny phone as a back up. Or a power bank.
Because if the battery stays the phone will hang and you will be unwilling to place the phone call.  I also get messages saying that the number is not registered on the network when I want to call hubby dear or the parents.  I mean?? I would understand if the message flashed when the in-laws call...
So you understand my need to carry a phone even my maid wouldn't have- in the recesses of my already capacious tote bag.

4. The Camera.
No flash,low light photography, 2 PixelMaster camera-honestly ,all I know about that is that it is better than 13MP and all that is associated with front and back cameras. Wow. So my blog will have much , much better pictures than it does. Its not that I don't have a DSLR ,but it is too much effort to transfer pics to the desktop and then upload. ..its easier to shoot and upload. So better camera will mean better pics. Right? The food ,as always, will be fantastic.

5. The looks.
That shouldn't be the first need.
Soul over substance.Always.
I believe very strongly in that.
And without doubt, a thing of beauty is a joy forever. So I am lusting for this beauty.

If you, like me Cant Wait Zenfone2 check out all features and more at the ASUS ZenFone website.
A wealth of features come with this super awaited ZenFone.

I now seem to count my life by my smiles and my unmusical laughter and I want to count my age by the number of smart phones I own and master.

Until the next

Until the next


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