Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quikr Nxt Absolutely no fikr

It was predicted that the geeks would rule.
And it is so coming true. Long long ago ,much before personal computers really became personal , people used to say,be nice to the nerds and geeks ,you may just end up working for one someday. We all might.
And then came along the phenomenon that guides your fingers every minute of the day and your social connectivity is also thanks to one such geek.
So geeky ,he sweats profusely in situations most Indians would consider ordinary.
So why should classified advertisements be far behind?
Since we have Apps or ready to order links for everything under the earth today ,it becomes essential that Quikr becomes one too... not an also running App ,but a pioneer.
Quikr is a formidable force with classified advertisements. It has raised approximately USD 60 million through venture capital funds. So ultimately, that will ensure that we as consumers will have a better buying and selling experience.
So quikr next is here to help.
I will not call myself a geek ,but if can help it I would rather not call.
I love my smart phone. It is almost an appendage to my hand. And I am really adept at a texted conversation as compared to a phone stuck to my ear.
I mean who would want to call and mumble social niceties in the middle of the night?
I wouldn't.
People like me prefer to do their surfing and shopping in the dead of the night. That is why we pray desperately for 26 hour days. So imagine  the ease.

All you need to do is download the quitk next app and start.
You can choose any thing you want and then decide on the price.
instead of having to call someone and request for details one can simply start a smart chat.
So when you chat you don't have to address the buyer or seller as "Aunty" or "Uncle". Yes , it happens only in Indian!
So once the social niceties are addressed , you can get right right ahead and discuss the price and tech specs of the object in question.
And then get down to what Indians do best. Bargain.
It is a wee bit embarrassing to bargain on the phone...all those around you might mock you.
But when you are chatting, its ok to bargain , no one but the buyer/seller you are chatting with will know.
So once the bargaining is done ,all that is left is discussing where /how the payment is to be made and how the object in question is to exchange hands.
And the best part is that you dont need to reveal your identity.
All in the dead of the night.
So cool for people like me.
Geeky aand nerdy but yet so cool.
Maybe, I will be able to find a buyer for my books.
Check out quikr and get the app of Quikr next.

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The not so bitter medicine in a pretty package - Pure Active Neem and a teenager

"Is that is Fr#@*%"#g zit?"
Yes ,I am a new age mum to a teenager, I allow a few , mind you ,a few cuss words( thank god he is in no competition to me...he would loose so badly).
I get to hear these yells from his room ever so often now a days. And all I can do is smirk...
Once upon a time , he used to watch me get ready and gloat over his clean zit free baby skin .All he could stress upon was his better gene pool . He believed he had inherited daddy's clear complexion. Little did he know about raging hormones.
I keep my armada of pimple tackling gharelu nuskhe only for myself.
 I doubt he would like to bathe in the stinky green water I have boiled tons of neem leaves in. Or that he would like to walk around with tomato paste all over his face ,or have white crusted dried toothpaste mounds on his face...
I am omniscient. I am mom. I knew what was coming.
Having been through the same breakouts myself, I remember my mums  infinite patience with which she made and slathered face masks on my reluctant self. I thank my stars that she did. It is because of her efforts that my skin today is free of acne scars.
Unfortunately, I have none of her diligence, and sweet child has none of my obedience.
What I have is technology ,Internet, advertising and pure active neem.
So , when I went monthly grocery shopping, I picked up Garnier Pure Active neem face wash for him.
The next time he was attacked by " ze zits " , I rattled out the same word weary moral lecture about abstinence from chocolate, junk food and the likes while he rolled his eyes and went searching for some relief.
And which lady should come to his rescue, but lil Miss Alia Bhat'ffet' herself...
Well ,she did .
On television, showing off her squeaky clean baby skin. Since she is quite a hot topic of discussion on his whatsapp groups(which of course I am privy too-not a new age mom for nothing!) She quite grabs the eyeballs.
And he turns around and begins to demand Pure Active Neem...and the tube of Pure Active Neem face wash falls into his hands.
Could I be any cooler?
So now with a towel around his neck and a tube of Pure Active Neem face wash in his hands he duly washes his face two times a day.
He is happy with the soap free neem leaf extract and tea tree oil purifying and cleansing his skin of the effects of pollution.
I could have done the same as my mum did and plucked neem leaves and crushed them and applied the filthy ,slimy paste on reluctant sweet child But....
 Fortunately, God blessed garnier with research scientists who extracted all that was good from these medicinal plants. Neem is now not so bitter and tea tree oil not as elusive.
Thanks to them, new age women/mums  like me can use the force of our fingers on our precious tabs and smart phones instead.
As to me , I am thankful for not having to clean off toothpaste from whatever remains hanging in the washroom.
I'm not sure he wants to give me credit for my wisdom of having purchased the neem face wash for him, but I am sure some where he and similar young boys credit Alia Bhatt for their shiny pimple free skin. So no more pimples and no more historical marks of pimples remain either.

Check out further information on the garnier Pure Active Neem face wash website.

This guarantees, mum knows best. So boy or girl Pure Active Neem face wash helps you evolve from a pimply monster to being totally beautifully you.

This post is written for garnier Pure Active Neem face wash and Indiblogger


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