Sunday, March 1, 2015

Apne dum par and HDFC-Indiblogger Happy Hours

This post has been long overdue. 
It's always about acknowledging the parents and Sweet Child's role in making me what I am. 
But in all this ,I have always taken for granted hubby dear's role in making me what I am.
I'm the yin to his yang.
I'm the moon to his sun. 
I'm the kick to his cocktail...
I balance him out. Just the way he balances me out 
In the almost 18 years that we have been married, he has ensured that I have had more than my fair share fame.
I don't know how talented or cool or capable I really am...but I know that he guided me in taking up projects that I probably won't have attempted. 
I don't know whether I am pretty , but in his eyes ,I see his admiration for my flawless beauty. Because of his belief in my beauty, 
I am able to be confident and carry myself as elegantly as a queen.
I don't know if my words really make sense , but I know that being a blogger is easier thanks to his critiques. 
There is no responsibility that I have been allowed to shrug off , there is no place where I have been allowed to take a short cut...
But because of the constant support that he has provided , I have shed my stage fear and been able to perform in front of large audiences. 
I don't know if I really cook sumptuous food, but because he loves even the simplest of curries and does total justice to all my preparations, I know that I have magic in my hands. 
Magic , thanks to the man who walks with me.
He walks behind me ,there for me when I need him... 
He walks in tandem, happy in my success. 
He could have allowed me to become dependent on him ,he could have made my life easy...but he guided me and made me work harder.
He made me strive and he made me achieve. 
I am a stronger person because of him.
He is the wind beneath my wings.

I am what I am because you stand behind me.
"Because of you I can feel myself slowly but surely becoming the me I have always dreamed of being."
                                                  -Tyler Knott

This post is written for HDFC LIFE and Indiblogger Happy Hours. 

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sell the old at Quikr.Nxt and have happy hours at Indiblogger

Regressive traffic and and road rage rule the country .
For a moment Sanya was almost glad she drove her dad's old Maruti 800,even though she felt ashamed driving an Archie Andrew like Jalopy among the snazzy mid- size sedans and hatchbacks and hand me downs.
Sanya wanted her dad's new Terrano by Nissan.
That car was as smooth as passing a warm knife through Butter at room temperature.
She was a baker after all. And the air conditioning in this Maruti was also giving way.
Focus Sanya!!!
Cake Delivery!
Sanya just managed to locate this address. Now to park the car .
The biggest problem here -parking.
It took her half an hour to park and deliver the cake. By the time Sanya delivered the cake the butter cream had melted. And the lady refused to pay the full amount.
Cribbing, she returned and started fighting with her dad.
"Daddy, I need a new car!"
"Sure ,if you can sell this car , you can buy a new or a second hand car ."
Sanya started surfing around for websites to post an ad to sell her old car...and google suggested Quikr. She accessed Quikr from her smart phone ,where the site wanted  her to download QuikrNxt app. She tried just that.
A new world opened up.
Quikr.Nxt wanted her to post a picture of the car she wanted to sell and provide the details of the car and the usage.
Soon she had filled in all the details and posted the photograph.
As Sanya had another order to deliver tomorrow morning she got down to her baking.
She had all but forgotten about the ad ,as she never thought that there would be a response so soon... she was shocked out of her skin when her phone began beeping.
And beeping.
That was the second butter cream rose that lost its shape because of the incessant beeps.
She had to check the messages.
There were 16 messages on Quikr.Nxt app.
She did not want to get into any kind of haggling or bargaining, that was not what Sanya could do. She had placed a list and last price as INR 90000 and she did not want to deviate from that amount.
So she was very wary.
She started texting via the Quikr.Nxt app with the prospective buyers.
A couple of texts did not seem to be of people who were going to close the deal ,but two prospective buyers seemed to be genuine.
Sanya was texting on the mobile app while she was designed the cake on her  sketch pad. The cake design was running parallel to the texts.
Sanya asked one of her assistants to go and check the mileage from the odometer and get the service records from the car. She texted all needed details and also sent pics of the car's interiors.
This buyer was keen to use the car for a driving school.
The buyer seemed extremely extremely happy.
He was impressed with the condition of the car and the service records.
He asked Sanya how she would like the cash payment.
Her car was Sold.
Sold .
At 87000 INR.
"DADDY.... I sold the car!"

This post is written for indiblogger Happy Hours and Quikr.Nxt. 


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