Monday, March 30, 2015

Oranges and Lemons in my Pound Cake and my Kitchen Aid

Something Old, Something New,
Something Borrowed ,Something Red...

It should've been blue...but the blue was in limited supply.
But I am happy with the Red.
Kitchen Aid Teal Blue Artisan Stand Mixer
I am #Kitchen Aid-ing vicariously for 4 days.
A lot of people don't understand the value of that heavy duty motor as it buzzes and whisks the butter and sugar together into submission...but me?I do!
I love having the #Kitchen Aid-even if I have it for 4 days.

This is a little pampering that #Kitchen Aid is doing for those who waltz into the Regional bake offs Round. The machine stays with me till the bake offs and I use it there to create my little magic.
The Teal blue was unavailable, so they sent me Red.
Red is good too...
Since this is the parents house, and mum has already distributed her tools a long time ago...I have limited stuff to work with.
So a pound cake that needs a loaf tin was baked in her Pyrex.

No regrets.
It tasted wonderful.
Of butter and summer,because in lieu of vanilla, I used orange zest and lemon zest and lemon juice.
And the nuttiness of whole almonds.

This is an old recipe I used ,that used to be my mums...
She picked it up from some book or magazine or whatever...she remembers not.
I have tweaked it and changed it...since rum would've been a no no in a pound cake the lemon juice came in.

for the 

Oranges and Lemons in my Pound Cake and my #Kitchen Aid...

you need

1/2 cup or 110 gms Amul butter-you can use unsalted,but this is the best.
1 1/2 cup plain flour
100-125 mils buttermilk-or milk to which you add a spoon full of vinegar
3/4 cup sugar
3 eggs
1 tsp baking powder
zest of 1 lemon ,1 orange
3-4 tbsp crushed almonds
20 whole almonds, soaked, peeled and halved
juice of 2 lemons approx 25 mils

Pre heat the oven to 180C.
Start with the butter-softened. I had a 500 gms slab. And as I do with the chocolate-4 parts, each 125 gms. Just keep a wee bit and pop the rest into the Mixing bowl of the Kitchen Aid.

Add in the sugar and mix at speed 4 till the butter and sugar are blended and pale.

The best use for the butter wrapping paper. Use it to line the dish. Ideally ,it should've been a 9"*5" loaf tin, but this is hardly an ideal world.
This is a 2 quart Pyrex dish.
I also dusted the butter paper with flour.
Sift the flour and baking powder. If you like unsalted butter, add a spoonful of salt here and sift well.
The butter sugar is done. Add in the eggs one at a time. You need to scrape the sides of the bowl regularly. Add in 1/3 of the sifted flour mix.
Add in the lemon juice and a third of the buttermilk. Alternate between the flour and buttermilk. Make sure you leave atleast about 20 mils of the buttermilk. Fold in the crushed almonds now. The batter must be velvety and should not move on its own. You need to coax it and smoothen it in the dish.
Layer the almonds over the top and pop the cake into the oven.
After about 50 minutes it was ready. You'll know from the wafting aromas of lemon and orange and butter...almost like a spa here...
The cake crumbs are soft but crumbly...because we reduced the butter by about 50 gms replacing it with the buttermilk.
The taste speaks of butter and oranges and lemons.
And the toasted almonds add a nice crunch. The problem with the almonds is that they dont allow you to cut a neat slice...otherwise they are Purr...fect!!!

I needed a little blue. The pictures are nothing great- I agree, but we focused on the eating bit here.
The cake was crusty and soft and awesome with tea and coffee.
And soft. This is a recipe I play with very often. I adore the taste of butter in my cake...but with all the mess of cholesterol and stuff-its better not to indulge too often.
The citrus cuts the sugar and the butter and tastes just light and airy.

But when you must. This is my favourite naked cake. It needs no frosting or glaze or fruit or whatever. Just like a true friend,it shows you what it is. And at the end of one piece, you crave more.
The Kitchen Aid stand mixer is wow to work with. It reduces your work, and seems to be an effortless piece of engineering.
No wonder,all around the world, people love it.
I <3 Kitchen Aid.

This #Kitchen Aid is addictive. I want!!!

So what are you baking today???

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pehla Pyaar with my smartphone

My first love and my first crush are probably centuries old by now. As I see  a few grey hairs peeping out through my always bed head hair ,I wonder at t he wonder years.
They're quite far away yonder by now.
Antiquity seems more me.
Please don't go by statistics and especially age related statistics only. I am very tech savvy!
I fell In love with my PC first was love at first site (sight) with farmville first. That was the most fun I had with the mouse. Otherwise my mission on catching sight of a mouse would only be "catch it".
And then I began reading blogs and my love for blogging began.
And then I bought my first smartphone.
Life just changed.
It just metamorphoses.
I was fighting for my phone because all of a sudden sweet child knew more than me  and he was " teaching " me . My teachers genes revolted.
So in the dead of the night ,under the quilt ,I fell dealer in love with my smartphone.
So much in love that it is an extension of my hand.
I am now hooked to Pinterest and twitter and Instagram and all silly games thanks to my smartphone.
The generation gap between me and my phone is too less ,I need to start afresh.

 I want to #ChooseToStart with a brand new Moto E .
Almost like a new relationship. The excitement of using a super fast processing speed and an Android Lolipop(why are they given these juvenile names???? ).  Ok its 4.4.4 kit kat right now but will be lolipop 5.0 .Working this little magic machine that dances to my finger tips.
Its cheap at the price of the basic kindle. So I plan to read and read and read.
And blog .
And take pics while I bake and create.
And post these pics and format them and edit text and also write for these inane contests once every while.
And allow the keyboard prompts to prompt me just like a teleprompter.
I #ChooseToStart a better and more efficient life  with  Moto E.
I want it to be a part of me.
So that it feels naturally me.
I #ChooseToStart with Moto E.
I'm going to make it my Pehla Pyar again.
Do you???


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