Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rainbow Cake-Eggless and Microwaved

Colour therapy in all its glory...
Colour therapy to its best!
One time when grown women got so excited and almost desperate to see the colour pattern inside the cake that they couldn't wait even 10 minutes to let it cool...
One time when a destroyed cake top didn't faze anyone...
One time when the taste was secondary...Totally!
That's what colours do to you...
Make you HAPPY!

I did not want to bake it in a convection oven…who heard of a brown tinged rainbow….I only heard of a pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow. Not an ugly brownish line…so microwave it had to be!

There was sooo much excitement in the kitchen while we were preparing the batter for the cake…

There were so many great things about this recipe-no eggs, microwave, no condensed milk, and so many colours.

That’s why it’s so much fun baking-even the simplest of things causes your happiness quotient to sky rocket.

I sweet talked my friend Kanchan into baking with me, only because sweet child o'mine had been over loaded with the good food…

It was me, Kanchan, her daughter, her mother in law and the maid and the maid's baby…all getting super excited at the same time. (So many happy hearts in a small kitchen…wow!)

This is a recipe adapted from one of Nita Mehta’s recipes…..with lots of changes and experiments. The kitchen was almost like a chemistry lab, with fingers crossed ,praying that the changes let the cake rise and not make me fall flat on my face.

Without further ado-
For the

Rainbow Cake-Eggless and Microwaved…

You need
2 ½ cups/400 Gms plain flour
1 ¼ cups/200 Gms caster sugar
2 tsp baking powder
¾ tsp baking soda/bicarbonate of soda
6 tbsp sour yogurt (at room temperature)
¾ cup/150 Gms melted and cooled butter
1 ½ tsp vanilla essence
1 ½ cups/350 mils milk at room temperature
2 tsp vinegar
¼ tsp liquid food colour-6 colours
¼ tsp salt

Start with the flour, the salt, the baking powder and bicarbonate of soda-sift them twice and set aside.
Grease and flour a round baking dish suitable for a microwave.
Put the yogurt and sugar in a large bowl .We ground the sugar to a fine powder to make blending easier.

Now add the melted butter.Blend well with a hand held whisk. Add the vanilla.
Mix the flour mixture and the milk alternately till all is used up. Lastly add the vinegar.

Keep 5 bowls at the ready, and put the liquid food colour in the bowls. Be generous-whoever saw and loved a pale rainbow?

Now place almost 2-3 ladles full of batter in each bowl, the remaining batter can be coloured with the sixth colour.

I made violet by mixing blue and raspberry red.Ensure the colour is well blended.

One colour at a time, pour the batter into the center of the dish.

The next colour into the center of 6the batter previously poured in. The heat will deliver all the colours like a rainbow…

That’s the last…..

All the glory..the white you see is the buttered and floured dish.

Now 80% power in your microwave with a glass of water for company….
Go for 14-16 minutes. This was midway…you’ll know it’s done when the cake leaves the sides.

Out…and I wish we had had the patience…of the top tore off, showing us the colours in all their glory…
Spongy, like never before.

That’s a happy face-colour does that to you!

That was my pot of gold. Now if only sweet child o’mine expressed a fraction of happiness at the sight of all this colours…his only reaction…”it tasted good…I didn’t see the colour”
You’ll never try another rainbow cake after this.This I can promise you!So call it Rainbow - Cake from baketitude!

Make every one around you gasp in pleasure...go ahead get out the food colours-VIBGYOR! Go Rainbow!

So what are you baking today???


malvika said...

wud try it at home for sure

sweet said...

tell me...and post the pics when u do so

Anonymous said...

awesome colours

Anonymous said...

Beautifuuullll... Im gonna try dis recipe today.. Hope it turns out gud :)

Sweet said...

did you?? I hope it came out well...

Babitha costa said...

I tried this with less quantity and came out fine,had only 4 colors.
Pls check it

yt said...

Wat if we doesnt add in vinegar?

Sweet said...

Try lemon juice but you need the acetic acid ..the colours will be beautiful with the addition of vinegar

DJ said...

Hi what does microwave at 80% mean? My microwave has max power if 900 so at what temperature will be its 80%?? Plz reply I want to make this for my husbands birthday in a few days time. Thanks

Sweet said...

Hi DJ thanks for visiting. The microwave oven must be set up at 720 watts that is 80% power.

Sweet said...

Hi DJ thanks for visiting. The microwave oven must be set up at 720 watts that is 80% power.

DJ said...

Thanks so much.. Will bake and let you know how it turned out!

jinkal said...

Hi. I want to try this recipe and have everything ready but I am confused about microwave mode. Did u bake using regular mode or did u use conviction mode. Please reply I am stuck here.

Sweet said...

Hi jinkal I used microwave mode. At 70% or 80% power.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for a quick reply. I tried the recipe that day on 600 watts for 16 min as my microwave doesn't have settings for 720. Toothpick was clear but when wewere not able to took it off, and at the end we broke it. And it was not spongy at all. Very disappointed.

Unknown said...

I tried out this recipe for holi and shared with my friends. The cake came out really fluffy n soft. Thanks for the great recipe.

Until the next

Until the next


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