Monday, December 19, 2011

Red Velvet Cup Cakes -Eggless and Microwaved

The winter sun doth caress us all, and is wont to see us in bed??
Nope, I have not copied this one bit of (hardly)poetry from anywhere or anyone...tough I doubt anyone could come up with line that so (do not) rhyme. attempts at poetry suck! With a capital I do not bother .ever.
Problem here is the cold, not so much that YOU can freeze and enjoy the fact that you are frozen... It’s just cold. We sit in the quilt and refuse to get out until there is a dire necessity to. Just when you are snug and warm will someone ring the doorbell, or ask for a cup of java as if their life depended on it.
So many things to do and not the inclination to do a single thing...

That my friend is called lethargy, and I’m sure you too have been struck by this ailment at some point of time.
I know I promised red velvet cookies and the frosted butter cookies...but all my musings have come to naught.
So after being pestered by sweet sister, who BTW is just back after a holiday in the sunny locales of Florida so is walking on are the red velvet cupcakes, this time micro waved AND egg less.
The eggs omitted, not because she is ova-hating all of a’s just that she has now a little girl, who’ll make the little chickens run even before they have  had a chance to hatch, so she is constantly under pressure time ,no time.
So babes ,just so that you can smell the roses and feed the squirrels that come knocking on your window panes-one dish red velvet cupcakes. Just one dish and spoon to dump into the dishwasher, no cake moulds to wash and store and the convenience of the microwave.
And this is also for friend Ritu Sharma who is indeed not ova eating...

I made half the recipe and made a few changes to the recipe I posted because I was The last batch was just microwaved ,changes ,no eggs,no butter -fresh out of butter and wanted to use applesauce.
sometime last month ,I had made a big bowlful of applesauce when the apples had begun to lose their texture and taste bland (it had been dumped somewhere in the recesses of my freezer).
So many pictures,only because I could not make up my mind....

 for the 

Red Velvet Cup Cakes -Egg less and Microwaved...

you need

1 cup /240 mils milk
1 tsp vinegar+ 1 extra tsp(if you feel that the milk isn't curdles enough)
 1 ¼ cup/200 gms plain flour
¾ cups /100 gms +1 tsp sugar
1  tsp cocoa
½  tsp  baking powder
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/3 tsp salt
1/3 cup/80 mils vegetable oil(I used sunflower)
1 tsp apple sauce(optional)
1 oz/25 mils red colour
1 tsp vanilla essence

In a glass of milk add the vinegar and the red colouring, mix well.

Start with the sugar ground the granular sugar only because I didn’t want to waste too much time in mixing.
To this I added the applesauce, mines pink, only because I used unpeeled Delicious red time, save energy!
P.S. Apple sauce, chop a few apples, sauté them in butter and add a pinch cinnamon powder and little lemon zest,puree and store in a bottle-to use when and as you remember.

Blend the sugar and the apple sauce with the vegetable oil...olive oil in cakes is BAD! Sunflower tastes good, so even if the olive oil is healthier, let it stay on the shelf.
Sift the flour, cocoa, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda and salt twice.

Add the vanilla essence.

Alternate the flour mix and the milk mix into the oil mix, blend in one direction ensuring no lumps remain.

That's the batter ready.

Get the cup cake containers ready and pour half full and pop in the microwave at 80% power with the glass of water for 12 minutes. BTW Half the recipe made 17 cupcakes.

I also made a batter for the rainbow cake and tried red and white bulls eye cupcakes.
Red, white and then red batter...these were cute, but deserve another blog post.they are not dirt to be hidden under a rug...this was a teaser.

There’s a lot you can do with colour.
I’m thinking pink bread...maybe.

Eyes,hm mm..
Instead of bulls eyes,I have Cats Eyes!
Only they are not tawny ,then maybe we could call them Leonine!

Now that the cupcakes were ready, I  made tiny stencils from paper and sifted some icing sugar on the cupcakes.
A word of caution....they have to be devoured IMMEDIATELY! The icing sugar does not stay too long.
This butterfly that was fluttering by and stopped to sip some nectar is entranced.

BTW, the cupcakes were red! Not maroon as they look. I tried shooting the pictures with the macro off.
Next time we use more lights.
Make ' you have no excuse...
You have no right, to ask me how I am...if you don’t bake these!
 Phil Collins would be cheesed off too.

So what are you baking today?? the fact that the rainbow cake has generated sooooo much interest.
If you haven't already tried it...go right ahead.So many people cant have got the recipe wrong.

Whatever are the glitches in the blog which don't allow you to join the site and be a follower or post comments...I hope to have them sorted out ASAP.
In the meanwhile ,keep enjoying the "RANBO" cake it is now known in Ranchi,Jharkhand,INDIA.
Hugs to those of you who keep coming back!

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great stuff.well done!!

Until the next

Until the next


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