Thursday, September 29, 2011

Potato Diskettes with Walnut Chutney

Almost a crusade...
WE, the Knights Templar of hindu origin...may I add...
Fighting all temptations...of food, only for 7 days ...twice a year-fortunately...
NO grain,NO meat and NO eggs!
Difficult...even fruit juice has to be had without any tadka...
So we create....something that is tempting but flour less and fat less...but full on with the flavour...
Face it any thing FAT LESS
Guarantees a second glance...
Those little discs are made of potatoes...mashed  potatoes.
so lets get down to it...that was my breakfast ,lunch and leftovers will be my dinner!
for the
Potato Diskettes with Walnut Chutney....

 you need

1/2 kg yogurt
1 tsp honey
few basil leaves
couple of chopped walnuts
2 green chillies finely chopped

4 medium boiled potatoes
1/2 cup warm milk
salt,pepper to taste.

Start with the yogurt....take it to the gallows......Pour the yogurt into a cheesecloth.....muslin cloth
Now bring the ends together and clip them up.Hang this like so...No, you do not need the executioner...
now attack the boiled potatoes...
Peel  the potatoes....and begin to mash them...
Add the milk and season...a thick pipe- able consistency is needed.
lay out a sheet of AL foil and lightly grease fill a piping bag with the mashed potatoes...if you couldn't be bothered with all that fancy-schmancy stuff , just use a spoon and drop small portions onto the foil.
And /or pipe.But before you start ,set your oven to its highest setting and turn on...
After the delicate rounds ,I lost patience and changed the I also had a sheet of...
I also sprinkled some sesame seeds....
and put these to settings are 230C...9 minutes....and they had to be pulled out.
Most important...peel them off the Al foil while they are warm...or you'll need to add aluminium to your diet.
While the potatoes are baking ,do your chutney.
That's the hung curd...all cheesy the cheesecloth...
Now in a bowl..
To which I added the walnuts,basil,green chili,honey,salt and pepper and mixed well.
Now the plating!
pretty plate....
the diskettes...
and the chutney...

And then your mouth is its FINAL DESTINATION....
Don't worry.It knew its fate......

At least now you have an don't have to eat only fried stuff this navratra...
you can try these....

So what are you baking today???

Monday, September 26, 2011

Garlic Rolls

Garlic Rolls...

My fascination with rolls is growing by the minute....remember the cinnamon rolls... They were sweet –almost desert-is.
They looked pretty, and tasted “pretty” nice.
Awesome but as with something sweet, you need something salty...and thence continues the “Circle of LIFE”. I don’t quite recall the lyrics of the Elton John anthem....only hope that Simba and Nala don’t pop up around here...
“Circle of LIFE “ I blog my mother is trying to chat with my seven month old niece ...over the phone. Talk about Gen Next. The phone has been left on loud speaker, and whatever nonsensical or gossipy stuff nani-ma is talking about little baby Sanskriti loves to coo in return.

All this while my little sister attends to her daily chores.
 Thank the lord we live in India. We can ask for a cup of tea or a glass of water at whichever place we park ourselves.

Thank God for the “kaamwali bai”.

Well back to my fascination for rolls.....This time something salty and savoury. And my favourite ingredient –GARLIC!
Never say I’m not concerned about your heart.
Let’s go and cook them....

Garlic Rolls....
You need

1 ½ cups flour (cup Americana-240 mls)
½ cup tepid water
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tsp salt
½ tsp yeast
1 tsp garlic bread seasoning...not essential...had it so I used it –you can skip it if you will
2 tablespoons chopped garlic
2 tablespoons chopped coriander
50 Gms soft butter-salted
1 teaspoon olive oil+a little extra for greasing the dish
Sesame seeds if you have them

As I have been thanking god for my   “kaamwali bai”, I decided to give her the gift of fewer dishes in the sink to wash....And I brought out my food processor.
Into the dough kneader bin I threw in the flour,....
the sugar, salt and the yeast. 
I kneaded a soft dough. Then I added the olive oil and ran the pulse for about 2 minutes. Ran it??I mean pulsed to avoid the kneading.

Left to prove till it doubles.

Today I also brought out my green chilli cutter...nifty little contraption this is. You don’t get your hands dirty, but you end up cleaning the cutter .Mess!
This is what it looks like.......
All rise, for the “kaamwali bai”.
Add the garlic seasoning, chopped garlic and coriander into the butter and mix it well.

Now on your floured worktop bring out the dough and knead lightly. 

Then roll out in a rectangle ½ inch thick about 12 inches by 8 inches.

Spread the butter mix onto the rolled dough to cover all you can...don’t leave any bare won’t be able to bear the bland taste then. Lolzz
Roll from the longer side to make a log.
Using a BIG knife cut into 8 pieces.8 if using a Pyrex dish and 9 if using the cake tin....I tried the cake tin first. Don’t like entrusting my Pyrex with the “kaamwali bai”.

But 8 rolls looked quite lost and forlorn in the cake tin...

they were happy in the Pyrex....the ambience you see.

Brush the rolls with milk-no eggs here. And slather the remaining butter mix on the rolls.I also sprinkled a few sesame seeds.
Now set them aside 25 -30 minutes and then turn your oven to pre heat 180C. Place the dish in the oven 30 minutes and 35 minutes if you are using a Pyrex dish.
And now for the moment of mum was very happy with the fact that the rolls pulled apart easily...aroma wafted all around to wake the dog from his slumber...
that’s ROMEO...yup you can’t see his eyes...wonder how he sees the world!

And that is sweet child o’mine...wolfing down his second.

Try these. They ROCK!

So what are you baking today????????

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Paneer Rolls

Hello y’all...
 No I haven’t been away ...only not able to post any blog...finally the end of term exams are over...not mine by any chance...but going by the blood i boil and the stuff I need to read up, to check whether sweet child o’mine has read up and studyied the required stuff, I.might as well have taken the exams myself.
We have been cooped indoors for the last week, a depression over Jharkhand and Orissa has ensured that the sun doesn’t shine, denying us the pleasures of going out in god’s fresh air.....

This is a result of sheer boredom!!

This one is from One of the first Indian cook book I read .Guided  by  Neeta Mehta,..then ,I was newlywed and stuff...trying to make hubby dear happy...well those days are long he just gets whiffs of whatever I make...
The Paneer Rolls are made from leftovers of Paneer tikkas....we never have any leftovers of chicken tikka though...
So for the
Paneer Rolls...
You need
4 slices of bread(the bread  has to be really fresh)
100 Gms Paneer tikka (you can use fresh Paneer too)
½ capsicum sliced thinly
½ onion sliced thinly
2 tsp tomato ketchup
1 tsp soft butter
Salt, pepper to season
1 tsp fresh cream
½ tsp olive oil

Before you start, switch on your oven to 200C.

Cut off the crusts of the slices of bread and with a rolling pin roll out the slices as thin as you can.
 You can stop right here and toast these to make Melba toast, but then what will you do with all that Paneer?
Chop the Paneer into small pieces.
Heat the olive oil in the pan, add the sliced onion and the capsicum and lightly sauté them.
Season lightly, add the Paneer.
Add the ketchup.... 

and the fresh cream and check the taste.

Now for the actual action...

Using a pastry brush, brush a quarter tsp softened butter on the rolled bread.
 On a sheet of Al foil place it buttered side down and put some of the sautéed veggies.
Wet the sides with a little water and roll the bread to put the sealed side down. 

Repeat the process for all the slices of bread.ON the same sheet of AL foil......Conserve all the AL foil you can...

Put the loaded al foil into the oven and bake about 5 minutes.

 (Drum Roll.....)

Take the beauties out and cut them on a slant ...and serve with chilli sauce or mustard sauce......
And enjoy!
These are some of the comics taken out as a celebration......exams over yay!

Try these out...
So what are you baking today????

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pineapple Upside Down Cake...

Cake time once more...before we take a break.
Nine day fast period of navratras coming these nine day ...I'll try and detoxify  my body...too much sugar ,too much butter...
These  nine days I put a restriction on eggs,no meat ,no grains...just the “non”grain flours and seeds and some veggies with tons of tomatoes...
I wouldn't call it a vicious cycle but...
Really makes you appreciate the humble Dal Roti for the next few the time this effect wears off...its time for the next round of fasting...keeps you grounded on mother earth for sure!
What a vibrant colour...If I can say so myself.

The Pineapple Upside Down Cake... has eluded me for more than a while now...I have had times when the cake came out easily  off the tin but the pineapple stayed behind.Maybe it felt the warmth of its mothers womb and did not just want to  cut the umbilical cord!
Once ,the center of the cake sank like the titanic...and even Romeo the dog refused to eat the debris....

I had seen Nigella Lawson do something like this on her TV I did the caramelizing like she did...only she had a cast Iron cake tin....and the cake ...its a basic butter cake.

I had some leftover pineapple slices and I decided to risk it all for the last time...with the promise never  to venture here again if this attempt failed.well,happy to say that our father in heaven was a little more than receptive ...and this one was pretty ,pretty and spectacular.

Hallelujah & Perseverance are two nice words...whichever order you use them...

Lets get started...

For the
Pineapple upside down cake...

You need

For the caramel
100 gms sugar
55 gms butter

For the cake

7 slices of pineapple...tinned or fresh
10-15 glace cherries.... red is indeed spectacular!
1 ½ cups flour(cup American- 225-240 mils)
1 cup sugar
½ cup cold milk
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
115 gms butter softened
2 eggs separated
Few drops lemon juice

First things first...if you have an iron cake tin WOW ...use it...the others use the regular aluminium tins.Put both the ingredients for the caramel in the tin and place over heat. 
without stirring, let the sugar melt in the butter and caramelise like so...
Eer .....I should have taken it off a couple of seconds ago,but I got distracted...a mother of a battle was happening between the son and the dog,so....
Take it off and let it cool a bit.Start your batter.
Put your oven on at 180C to preheat.
Cream the butter ,sugar and the egg yolks and the vanilla.
Alongside sift the flour,baking powder and pinch salt well.
Now to the creamed butter mix, add the flour in 3 batches alternating with the cold milk.The batter will be thick.
Now place the drained pineapple slices on the slightly cooled caramel and put in the cherries in the holes or wherever you want to place them.
Tip out any excess liquid.
Into the separated egg whites add the lemon juice and whip till peaks form.
Now simply fold in the egg whites into the ready cake batter gently and pour over the pineapple studded caramel.

Praise the lord and put it in the oven for 45 minutes.
If your cake is not cooked at the end of the 45 could be because of the liquid the pineapple slices give out,just cover the cake with foil and pop back into the oven for 15 to 20 minutes.The caramel will be oozing out from the sides and basically tempting you,wait till the toothpick comes out clean .
Put it on a rack and let it cool for at least an hour.should be just warm to the touch when you run a knife around the edges ,cover the tin with your serving platter and turn over.
Lo and behold......does your prowess with all things chemical not surprise you???lolzzzzz
OK the cake...
And the drama...
And the happy faces...
This cake was in honour of the best friend..Angad Prashar , not mine but Upamanyu’s...By special request!
Angad Prashar
Hope  you did enjoy it.

So what are you baking today???

Until the next

Until the next


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