Thursday, August 16, 2012

Triple Chocolate Bavarois And Independence

There's nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with CHOCOLATE
Linda Grayson, "The Pickwick Papers" 

Triple Chocolate Bavarois and Old Friends..
That makes me a good friend thrice over!
And laughter and liberty!
And finally the blogger template!
And being bereft!Its all over...
And then suddenly the realisation dawns ..August 15th...
Independence Day!
A reason for all Indians to thank all those who fought for freedom.
A reason to pay tribute to those who laid down their lives...and to those who continue to stake their lives so that the average Indian citizen can lead a normal life.
I bow down...everyday!

Suddenly ,I realised that I have now been blogging for just a little over a year.And I forgot my blogoversary!
Over the period of the last two years ,I have undertaken more responsibility than I thought I would have ever been able to handle,encouraged and motivated more people to produce results than I would have ever thought possible and become more tolerant and professional without even being professionally employed.
These last two years , I have learnt more than I ever set out to do, become more magnanimous than I would have expected from myself and have been encouraged to spread my wings and fly.
Though I may not say it in words...this is the perfect way to do so.
Thank my knight in shining armour.
It has always been___Hubby dear to the rescue.
He gave me the confidence and strength to test my abilities and has been the wind beneath my wings.
There are more people who I'd love to thank...but they deserve a blog post of their own!
Let me dedicate this one to the most important man in my life.The love of my life.
Thank you for your unflinching support always...and even though I may not say it in so many are my life!

Back to the business of Blogging.
I had planned to stay up late at night and construct this Bavarois....but that was not to be.
After a late dinner...(this was to be my de-stress factor)when all the ingredients were laid out for me...the minute I stepped out of my stilettos...the power supply went.
Then I decided to stay up...waiting for the power supply to be reinstated,but that did not happen.I stayed up till way past midnight...When yo have Fifty Shades for company...staying up is not difficult.
Its staying up alone ,that is difficult!
So next morning , thanks to hubby dear's benevolence...(and a generator)I started the Bavarois.
Do you need to wonder why he is my knight in shining armour?
This Triple Chocolate Bavarois was done...and it tasted so awesome...

I kept the left be had one spoon at a time!
What made this even more yum...was the chocolate.
I used MORDE dark chocolate and the milk chocolate was Cadbury's Silk.
I tasted like silk...and something you can die for.
That is MORDE!
Death by Chocolate!
There are worse ways of dying!
I'd rather die because of an overdose of chocolate, than by an overdose of a foul antibiotic!

It appears to be "A" Difficult, and if you have any self preservation instincts you probably will not try it...but I had to do the ridiculously difficult thing. Its not "un" doable, though!I found the recipe here, a large part of  my effort was thwarted because of the recalcitrant power supply. but I aim to complete what I started...Soon!

OK, Bavarois. Fancy,Schmancy...but it is nothing but a Creme Anglaise(an egg custard) with chocolate and cream. Simple??

Enough of the blah...lets get down with it.

for the

Triple Chocolate Bavarois And Independence...

you need

8 large egg yolks(the whites are stashed in the freezer...waiting)
1 cup whole milk
1 cup cream(I used 25% fat Amul UHT)
1 tsp vanilla
2 tsp gelatin
3 tbsp cold water
80 gm dark chocolate
80 gm milk chocolate
80 gm white chocolate
300 gm non dairy cream whipped
1/2 cup + 2tbsp sugar

for the ganache
200 gm dark chocolate
200 gm cream(I used 25% fat Amul UHT)

Ranchi has had incessant rain for the last 24 hours. It was wet and dark. Not happening.But I did what I had to do.
Place the water into a bowl and sprinkle the gelatin to help it bloom.
Place the yolks in a steel pan, I used 9 yolks as the eggs seemed tiny.
Add the sugar and whisk till the eggs are pale yellow and light.
Mean while , mix the milk and 1 cup UHT cream and put them to heat. Do not let it boil...
Place a bowl of water on to boil for a double boiler or a bain marie.
Once the eggs are done and the milk mix is hot enough, pour the milk mix into the egg yolks in a thin drizzle. You can understand why the pics are was dark!
Keep whisking till all the milk is Incorporated.
Now place this pan onto the Bain Marie and whisk till the custard is cooked. You'll know this when the mix is thick-ish and the back of the spoon .And when wipe off the center...and it does not come back to cover what you wiped off.
You do realise, I do most of this only two hands to work and sometimes it is difficult...
Take it off the Bain Marie...and blend in the vanilla and the bloomed gelatin.
That is your Rich Creme Anglaise.
Before you start with this , chop the chocolate into small pieces and keep.
OK,I still had to chop.
Divide the hot   Rich Creme Anglaise into three steel bowls.
One chocolate into one bowl and whisk till chocolate is blended.
All this has to be done while this is still hot.

Whisk the cream. Mine was not that well done...only because of the power...peaks were not so stiff.
Make an ice bath.
Divide the cream into three and one part into one chocolate cream bit.
Whisk over the ice bath, the cream will thicken.
Bottom layer , MORDE!
Chill a bit.Second layer...Cadbury Silk Fruit and Nut...Darling!!!!!!
Chill a bit.Third layer..White Chocolate.The three layers....yum yum yum!

Chill a bit. And make the ganache. I already told you how to here!
I did not have the time, so I popped the glasses into the freezer...
A spoon full of ganache over the set Triple Chocolate Bavarois to top and Again, Chill a bit.
I never had the luxury of there was no chilling.
Thus the wine glasses did not have distinct layers.
The shot glasses did have the layers.And as  an after thought, I know that the next time, I will place the gelatin to bloom in Vodka.
Vodka or no Vodka...the afternoon was a super,super hit.
So was the Triple Chocolate Bavarois.
Totally dedicated to special people...Mrs Mala Kumar...who honoured us with her presence,Dr Madhuri Kanitkar, Bhavna , Kulwinder, Priti ,Amita and Smita..and Me...We had an absolutely unforgettable afternoon.
We may never have a chance to do that lets cherish the memory!

This Triple Chocolate Bavarois will always be special.
As I finish the last shot(I find dessert in glasses so easy to dish out...dont you??)of the Triple Chocolate Bavarois, my in favour of MORDE and Cadbury Silk!
Whats yours??
Why don't you make your memories with something like this???

So what are you baking today???

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