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Dominos Look Alike Garlic Bread Sticks

“The first half of our lives is ruined by our parents, the second half by our children.” 
― Clarence Darrow

Coming back to the parents home, even for a few days is a blessing.The feeling of deja vu is what makes tomorrow easier. Yup, I know I am big on feeling safe and happy, but then only when your yesterday is happy and satisfied and content , can your future be solid and secure and , you guessed it HAPPY!
For me, that quest for the sometimes elusive feeling of happiness, and content is what drives me , and if you admit it!

Now that sweet child is old enough to make me realise that all my follies are coming back to haunt me, this connect seems even more important.Today, I am ready to pull my hair out...I cant handle one "sweet " child, the parents had to handle two.I really don't want to know which one of us was sweet and which was sweeter...
I would love to gauge the effects of our shenanigans by the number of wrinkles on their faces.
My mum is in her fifties...and does not have too many wrinkles.
Now , do we credit that to my supposed goodness or to the miracles of science and anti aging creams...
a question I would NOT want to answer.

Whenever we come home to the parents,its almost as though neither of us have had any thing to eat in the past few months. I wonder if that will happen to sweet child whenever he flies the nest...
I have a long way to son is still young.
This time ...after the mandatory meals, we had to attack Dominoes.Not Opting for the Cheese Burst Pizza was not an option. And the waist lines cant really bear the attack of the cheese stuffed garlic bread sticks.
My pictures have been tempting my mum and we had to make  a version of dad's favourite garlic bread sticks .
A basic focaccia dough, one that I have already made many times over before.So easy, and so simple to recreate... the photos may not do too much justice to the bread sticks.
The photos we took at mum and dad's...well ,they were not that ...good so we baked again on when we returned to Ranchi.
One dinner, full on garlic rolls and soup.
Simple and hearty.

for the

Domino's Look Alike Garlic Bread Sticks...

you need

half  recipe Focaccia Bread
Only the stashed sachets of Oregano seasoning from your past orders of Domino's Pizzas.
If your heart desires the stuffed garlic bread sticks...
you need jalapenos, cheese,lots of garlic,lots of fresh basil  and lots of butter.

OK let me be more precise.
you need

2 ½ cups or 330 Gms flour
1 tbsp brown sugar or jaggery/gur
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp salt
8 -10 cloves of garlic (I used much, much more)
olives, basil,6 sachets of Domino's Oregano seasoning

For the starter

300 gms flour (2 tbsp less 2 ½ cups)
2 tbsp gluten
1 ½ tsp dried yeast
420 mils warm water

Start with a big bowl that can hold at least 2 ½ l of water.
Place the ingredients for the starter in the bowl and whisk them together. Just ensure you don’t have any lumps of flour.
Cover with cling film and set aside in someplace warm.
In about an hour, the mix doubles.

I was at my parent's...Mum,she does not like the smell of we avoid. The pics are a mix of my home and mums kitchen.
Now the Change.I used half the measurement of ingredients. I grated some garlic into the sponge before adding the flour.
And knead the dough.
Set aside awhile to let it proof a little more.
Cut into two.If you do the full recipe, you will get four garlic breads.
And rolled our 3/4 cm thick into a round.
For the stuffed garlic bread.I used olives, jalapenos,basil ,cheese slices and one sachet of Domino's Oregano seasoning.
At home...
We went bare, just butter.
Two of these, on a sheet of foil, liberally sprinkled with flour.
Sitting Pretty till the oven pre heated to 230C/450F.
At home....Slathered with butter and grated garlic and then two sachets of the oregano seasoning...
And into the oven for close to 14 minutes.
Hot, hot ,hot...
I brushed the bread fresh out of the oven with more butter...a spoonful, OK! And cut the pieces...
Yum, Yum ...
Ready to eat,a struggle not to.Thus the "de-moralising" mug.
The books scattered. We are cleaning...never realised how many sweet child and I have hoarded over the years...
The perfect combination, Domino's, books and coffee.
If you live with your parents, the next time you trouble them...remember Your Chickens will come home to roost!And if you have a brood of your own...tell me has your past come to bite your butt  yet???

Try this when you don't want the pizza. Just a whole lot of artery clogging butter and artery friendly garlic.
Happiness comes when you share!

This is my post for yeast spotting for today!
So what are you baking today???

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